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Manicured Hands

What is the water out flow of the system ?

The "RightWash" system combines warm airstream with warm water spray. The output spray is soft, pleasant and airborne. The feeling is closer to the kitchen faucet that puts out a combination of water and air.


The RW-200 has one exit above the shower head, similar to standard showers. The water flow at this outlet is 0.4 liters per minute (compared to 12 liters per minute in a standard shower head). The vertical unit includes 3 additional outlets, each with a out water flow of 0.3 liters per minute. So the total out water flow of the system (when the vertical unit is installed and no EUWF is installed) is 1.3 liter per minute.

What is EUFR ?

In the EUFR system (Enhanced Upper Flow Rate) the upper outlet includes 3 nozzles, each with a flow rate of 0.2 liters per minute (in a system without EUFR the upper outlet is one nozzle with flow rate of 0.4 liters per minute). So EUFR system, the capacity at the shower head is 0.6 liters.
Installation of the EUFR + vertical unit system results in a water flow rate of 1.5 liters per minute - exactly one tenth of a standard pre-shower (ie, 85% water saving).

What is energy consumption of the system ?

Energy consumption of regular shower usually includes only the energy required to heat the water. Heating of 112 liters (100 liters for the shower and another minute waiting for the hot water) from a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius - requires about 4.5 kWh (112 kg of water, temperature difference of 35 degrees Celsius, 3,920 K-Cal which are 4.5 kWh).

The energy consumption in the RightWash system is 0.46 kWh for operating the system and another 0.45 kWh for heating the water. In total - 0.91 kWh - savings of 80% of energy (we declare 75% savings for reasons of conservatism).

An electric boiler with a heating element of 2,500 watts will consume (approximately) 2.5 kWh in one working hour. Such a boiler will not be able to heat 112 liters of water from 5 degrees Celsius to a normal bathing temperature.

what is the total water saving ?

Depends on the system model, the savings are about 90% of the water: RightWash average shower  uses about 10 liters of water, compared to an average regular shower where about 100 liters of water are wasted.

Standard average shower, according to global conventions, lasts 8.3 minutes. In the US, due to regulations amended about a decade ago, the average shower capacity dropped from 12 liters per minute to about 8 liters per minute. At the same time, quite a few showers include the regular shower heads (of 12 liters per minute) and there are even systems with much higher flows.
In the rest of the Western world, and also in Israel, the average shower capacity is still between 10 to 12 liters per minute.
One more minute in average, take the hot water to arrive to the faucet. A time when good drinking water is drained.

To prevent rust over time, in a wet and humid environment, the “RightWash 200” shower system, is made of painted or coated aluminum.

The system is designed and built for maximum safety. All metal parts of the system are connected to ground, and only low voltage is present in an area close to the user. To prevent burns, the system includes temperature sensors that will stop heating in the event of a high temperature.

The system is made entirely of non-rusting aluminum. In addition, mainly for beauty purposes, the system is painted or coated.

One of the optional parts, is a “low-flow” outlet, that allows for thick hair overlap and intimate rinsing. A low-flow outlet consists of: (1) a connection port to the system; (2) a 1.5 m long pipe; (3) Handle with spring open button

Within a moment of entering the shower - the whole body is wet. The RightWash 200 shower system provides an exceptional, pleasant and caressing bathing experience.
At the end, you can choose if to set off the system, and you will leave the shower wet, exactly like leaving a conventional shower, or to use the drying stage, providing warm air with no water spray, let you completely or partially dry.

The cleaning ability of a shower is, among other things, is a function of the duration of the shower and the time the soap is on the body. The amount of water used does not matter, especially that we recognize that most of the water in a conventional shower does not touch the bathing body at all.

The system can operate at a pressure of 2 atmospheres or more. At pressures higher than 6 atmospheres (very rare), a pressure reducer must be installed, not just for “RightWash” system, since other water systems are not designed to withstand these pressures (for example - the pipes connecting the flushing tanks are not built for such high pressures).


The sale of the systems outside of Israel is carried out by a local representative, selected by Zavitan Technologies, trained and skilled in everything required for the sale, installation, service, of the system.

The price list, adapted to each country and state, takes into account the conditions unique to that country, and can be found on the website of the local representative.

The map of the representatives can be found in the chapter on "RightWash" around the world.

If you have not found the representative in your country, please contact us and we will guide you.

The standard system is W80, D80, 23. It can be installed over showers of various sizes or at sites with no shower at all. If necessary, it is possible to produce a system tailored to the customer, in different sizes and shapes.

No. A "RightWash" system fits on to the existing shower / bath. It connects to the bathroom heater power socket and if there is no socket - we can add it (extra charge, according to the price list).

The water consumption of the “RightWash” system is minimal. In very cold places, this creates difficulty, as the water flow is so slow that the water cools in the pipes. Therefore, at such sites, additional insulation is proposed around the internal piping within the system (extra charge, according to the price list).

The "Right Wash" system does not require regular maintenance. Inside the system there is a filter that is recommended to be cleaned once every six months or a year, depending on the quality of the water on site. The filter cleaning can be performed by the user, and without special aids. In places where there is poor quality water, scale will form on the faucets and plumbing fittings. In such places it is recommended to replace the nozzles of the water once every two years. The nozzles are standard units. They can be purchased from the company or from any other supplier.
A customer who wants to replace them alone - will be able to, but we offer to use the services of a technician on our behalf. We also offer a service agreement, which gives additional benefits such as automatic version upgrades, periodic technician visits and a discount on parts prices. A customer who purchases a service agreement will enjoy the replacement of nozzles at no extra charge.

Although the probability of a fault is low, it can happen in any system.
It is possible to make a shower, even in the event of a malfunction, if a low flow outlet is installed
The company's service system provides a solution to faults depending on the type of fault and depending on the place of installation. Everything is detailed in our service charter.

Yes. The system comes with colorful and clear operating instructions in Hebrew or English. You can also read the instruction manual here on the website, in the information center.
For other languages: it is located at the representative’s site at each country.

הזמנה והתקנה

For exact details please contact our local representative.
A service agreement gives the customer peace of mind and other benefits. The agreement includes: a visit by the representative’s once every six months to check the integrity of the system; cleaning or replacing the filter every six months; Inspecting the misting units and replacing them at no cost as needed; Comprehensive inspection of the system.
The service agreement is for a period of one year. The customer can terminate the agreement at any time, and to get back the relative portion of the payment, depending on the time of cancellation, technician visits, etc..

The maximum time to deal with a fault is stated in Zavitan Convention, which can be located on the website of our representative in your country.

Hands hygiene and hands washing have always been important, even before the COVID-19 epidemic. Health authorities have long known that most infections are transferred by hand.

Zavitan's hand cleaner performs 5 steps: wetting, soaping, washing, drying and disinfecting, all without any contact with the hands, at any stage. The hands come out clean, dry and disinfected.
The device encourages keeping hand hygiene, in a pleasant and effective manner.
Placing the device at the entrance to sites such as shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, factories, offices, banquet halls and more, improves the chances of preventing infection and transferring infections at these sites.

Alcogel's dispenser at the site’s entrance is better than nothing,

If it is electronic and operates without contact.

And yet there is a big difference between "disinfecting" dirty hands, and a full process performed by the cleaner: the cleaner first cleans the hands and only then dries and disinfects them. Wetting your hands with an alcogel that dissolves some of the dirt but the dirt remains on your hands - greatly reduces the cleaning efficiency.
In addition, there is no time control when using Alcogel. Health authorities recommend a process of at least 20 seconds for the process to be effective.

Zavitan’s hand cleaner, has a sharp and easy-to-use color touch screen. The touch screen is for the operator's use only, for the purpose of setup and adjusting the device to the site and the operator's wishes.
The screen is not active as a touch screen during the cleaning cycle, and does not need to be touched.

When touching the screen, a password is required so that only the operator can use the touch screen.


There is no need to do anything.

The device automatically detects the insertion of the hands and begins the cleaning cycle.

At each stage, the display shows information about the stage, the time left to complete the stage, the time left to complete the cleaning cycle and a recommendation on what to do with your hands.

The length of each stage of the cleaning cycle is part of the adjustment mechanism performed by the operator at setup.

The default times are such that the entire cycle lasts about 20 seconds, due to the recommendation of the health authorities. The operator can shorten (and even cancel) or extend the entire cycle, and each step in the process.

Zavitan’s hand cleaner, is based on Zavitan’s patent of "RightWash". As a result, water consumption is minimal and minor: 0.053 liters per cleaning cycle.

The amount of soap and disinfection liquids, is also adjusted by the operator between zero, one, two or three doses.

The operator adjusts the different times and parameters of each stage in the process, including the drying stage time. He can set a drying time to which the hands came out completely dry, however this time is relatively long. Anyone who has experienced with hand dryers such installed in public toilets, for example, knows that it is sufficient to dry to a state where there is no dripping from the hands and it is not necessary to reach a completely dry state.

After about a quarter of the drying cycle, a dose of antiseptic liquid is injected, and from this point onwards it is possible to remove the hands without warning of the system.

The operator and certainly Zavitan are not police officers or supervisors.

Placing the device at the entrance to the site, allows most users to clean their hands, to protect their health, and the health of other users. Those who want to take risks and endanger others, can do so in many ways.

Most people are interested in reducing their chances of getting infected, and appreciate and use every means at their disposal.

The operator makes every effort to allow its customers hygiene and safety, but the vast majority of operators do not force the exceptions not to do so, to use the device, or any other means available on the site. Some operators place a notice requiring customers to do so, such as the duty to wear mask.

When the hands are removed during the process, at each stage of it, an appropriate message and voice prompt are received, with an instruction to return the hands into the device. This is up to the stage of injecting the antiseptic liquid, which takes place after a quarter of the drying cycle.

If the hands are returned, the operation continues from the same point that was stopped. If the hands are not returned within 3 seconds, the device returns to the "ready" position.

When installing the hand cleaner, it is connected to electricity, tap water and drainage.

Despite this, many sites do not have a water infrastructure and / or drainage infrastructure at the entrance.

Because Zavitan’s hand cleaner is based on Zavitan’s “RightWash” patent, the amount of water consumed is minimal. This fact allows the installation of hand cleaner, at sites without water infrastructure and / or drainage, by adding an add on that includes a water tank and drainage tank that are sufficient for many hours or days, depending on the site, and a pressure generation system necessary for the device

שירות ותפעול

Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting fluids can be purchased from any suitable supplier.

Preventive maintenance is not usually required. In places where the water quality is very low, the existing filter in the device may become clogged and need to be cleaned. In places where the water is very hard (including a lot of scale), the mist device may become clogged and will need to be replaced.

The customer should clean the device, like any other device. Maintenance cannot be performed alone because disassembly of the device requires to be familiar with the device. Of course a customer who wants to do it at his own risk, can do it himself.

The device must be adapted to the site: if the operator adjusts the device to a cleaning cycle time of about 20 seconds, the device will be able to clean the hands of about 2 people per minute, or about 120 per hour. (This includes reasonable replacement time that prevents contact or proximity between 2 users).

On sites where the incoming rate, during rush hours, is greater, a number of devices should be placed, as needed. In a shopping center where at peak times 200 people enter per hour, 2 devices must be placed, and if the rate of entry reaches 500 per hour, 4 devices must be placed.

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