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Zavitan Technologies Ltd.

Technological innovation for preserving the environment and improving quality of life

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Energy Saving

Blue and white production


Zavitan Technologies' roots are deeply entrenched in the field of advanced water technologies, dating back to 1990, when HydroGuard, the company which developed and revolutionized the water field with groundbreaking computerized systems, was established.

Shai Popper, founder and owner of Zavitan, invented the iTap Smart Faucet, which was developed together with Madgal and the American faucet giant MOEN . This faucet system, offered a unique shower experience and resulted in water savings of about 9%. The smart faucet attracted interest in Israel as well as on a broader field, with ministers and senior officials in the water sector from around the globe coming to study it.


Hand Cleaner


The best hand hygiene product in the world


Shower Right Wash 
A revolutionary shower which is both econmical and pampering
Utilizes Hi-tech

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